You may be in Barbados Bridgetown for business meetings or on a vacation. To move around you do require a mode of transportation. You can avail of public transport or hire a taxi; however, having a car rental in Barbados Bridgetown from us at A-Team Automobile Rentals is the best option. It is not that we are saying such. The reviews from our past clients detail what they enjoyed having car rental from us and that proves why having our car rental is the ideal mode of transportation. Let us have a look at what you can expect by having a car rental from us.

rent a car in barbados

Ease of booking 

It is pretty easy to book our car rental. You can do it days ahead of your travel date or do it after you land at the airport. You can call or text us to make a booking. In either case, you can expect to have instant confirmation and it is for sure that you will have a well-maintained car to travel. We will be offering you a quotation detailing what you need to pay us. We will stand with the initial quotation without any deviation. 

Safe journey

It is for sure that you will experience a safe journey in our car. All our cars are well-maintained and driven by professional drivers ensuring your safety. We have a schedule to check the working condition of our cars. If we notice any fault, we immediately attend to it. Our drivers will never drive out with a defective car. So, the car that we provide for your service is in perfect working condition. So, safety is ensured when you travel in our cars. 

Professional drivers 

All our drivers are professional and courteous. They have professional training to drive safely. They are courteous and will welcome you to the car while helping you with your luggage. They are fully aware of all the routes on the island and any traffic deviations. So, they will follow the best route to ensure timely service to you. All our drivers have a clean background and we screen every one of them before handing over the car keys. 

Our drivers can be your able guide if you wish to visit places of tourist interest on the island. This is an added advantage of having our car rentals. 

Timely service

Even if you book early, you can expect that you will have a timely service from us. It will never happen that you have to wait for our car to arrive. Our car will be waiting for you. It will also never happen that you face any mechanical problem which delays your arrival at your destination.  

Competitive price 

We do not claim that our car rental charges are the lowest; however, our rates are competitive. We offer an initial quotation and stick to that till the end. There are no hidden charges to astonish you at the end. You can make the payment during booking or if you wish after the completion of the journey. 

So, next time, when you need to have a car rental in Barbados Bridgetown, do remember us at A-Team Automobile Rentals and enjoy all the above benefits.