Barbados is no doubt one of the most renowned tourist destinations. It’s no secret that Barbados has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The serene Caribbean coast on the west is famed for its aquamarine waters and soft sands, while the wilder beaches in Barbados on the east coast are exhilarating to visit. 

Besides being the capital city of Bridgetown, Barbados connects to several continents via its airlines. Renting a car service at Grantley Adams International Airport is the best way to explore everything this city offers. However, there are quite a few mistakes made by travelers when they look to rent a car at Barbados Airport. No doubt renting a car is the best way to explore what Barbados offers. But staying aware of costly car rental mistakes will help you avoid unnecessary expenditures. Otherwise, it will eventually cost you big money. So, what are these common mistakes? Let’s talk about them briefly:

Forgetting to check out the total cost:

Even though the car rental company in Barbados Airport claims to offer an all-inclusive price. But they may not add several items & services that you may need. The cheapest alternative may not always be best either with high excesses or extra costs such as:

  • Additional driver
  • Child seats
  • Distance limits
  • Charges for drivers under a particular age
  • Returning the car to your desired parking at a point other than the pick-up point
  • Excess insurance

Not inquiring about the deposits:

Ensure that any amount you disburse will be subtracted from the overall cost and won’t emerge as a separate, extra fee on your credit card.  

Not reading the agreement thoroughly:

To comprehend what your rights & liability are, always try to read our agreement thoroughly. Don’t hesitate to inquire about anything you can’t understand before signing it. Don’t sign a contract unless you’re very particular regarding its contents and are satisfied with the associated terms & conditions. It’s also essential to check out the damages’ expenses since it can be costly. 

Forgetting to fill in a car lease damage check sheet:

When you pick up & return the vehicle, ensure you have a staff of our rental firm by your side to substantiate, in writing, and damage that is on the vehicle before you drive it. You also need to do this when you drop off the vehicle to affirm that no damage happened while you had the vehicle. It will help you avoid compensating excess for damage. If not, create your list and get it signed by the manager. This trick will definitely help you to avert paying extra for damage. 

Not checking the insurance coverage:

Ensure the insurance you or anyone driving the vehicle takes out is sufficient for your requirements. Also, confirm if you have to compensate for any excess if anything goes wrong. If you’re liable for an obligation, car hire can defend your interest against it. In addition, they can pay a considerable amount in case of damage to the rental car. 

Returning the vehicle outside of business hours:

It’s never a smart thought to return a car out of hours, as you cannot find someone to substantiate that no damage has occurred. If you’ve to do this, take photos showing the vehicle’s state. It may be sufficient evidence that no damage happened throughout the rental period in Barbados airport. Give yourself adequate time to check out the vehicle, and don’t keep it to the last minute to return it. 

Barbados Car Hire

Hope you enjoy reading this article and avoid these mistakes while renting a car at Barbados Airport. You can consult A-Team Automobile Rentals whenever you need to rent a car at Barbados Airport! We realize why people need professional car rental services. With our years of experience, and best chauffeurs that makes us one of the premier players in the car rental industry.